Pass The Pumpkins Please

It may seem like an odd thing to do my first actual Catching Woozles post as a reblog, but Vicky and I are working on a cookbook project together (well, she’s doing the cookbook part and I’m providing the panda-comic-relief part) and so, what could be a better first post than a story with a recipe?
I want some pancakes now!


Our local coffee shop makes the best coffee. I mean it’s really, really good. The only problem is everyone wants one! And they don’t take reservations on the weekends. So if you don’t get there early enough you go on a waiting list, or you order one to go. The coffee is so good that it has inspired me to roll out of bed early on the weekends and get there just after it opens – 8.00am!! And while I’m there, I sometimes have breakfast as well. My favourite breakfast? – pancakes 🙂

The walnut pancakes with side orders of bacon and hash browns were my favourite. Sadly they’ve changed the menu for summer and the latest pancake offering is okay, but not fantastic. This made me think – why don’t I make my own pancakes when I get home? I’ve made buttermilk pancakes before, which were delicious, but I…

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Pumpkins Please”

    1. Well, for one thing…pancakes, and for another, I’m lazy! ha ha! I’m working on some remodels for Catching Woozles, adding links (yes, you are here) and adding some illustrations. Getting ready for the Woozles to go public!

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